Why a Mortgage Professional is like a Surgeon


Tweet this!A surgeon has to go through several steps to determine if surgery is necessary. If you ever walked into a Doctors office and you were told that you needed surgery without thoroughly reviewing your individual situation you would most likely walk out and never return. The same should hold true with your mortgage experience. […]

Thank you Wells Fargo!

Tweet this!I normally thank my past clients for my success, but today, I need to give special thanks to Wells Fargo.   I receive 2-4 calls per week from clients begging me to take them out of their current  loan misery.  In most cases, these clients have already had their loans in process for 90+ days […]

FHA Makes it Harder to Qualify by Increasing Monthly Insurance


Tweet this!Congress wasted no time in passing the bill H.R. 5981. This bill gives FHA the ability to modify it’s current annual mortgage insurance premium. The move will provide an addtional $300 Million to FHA’s Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund. Below are the changes  that took place for FHA case numbers past October 4th, 2010: OLD […]

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