A Trick to Stop Credit Stalking

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Tweet this!Most consumers are not aware that the big credit agencies are in the business of selling your personal credit profile to third party companies. In fact, the mortgage industry is notorious of buying “Credit Data” from companies such as Experian to market to consumers. The term that is most commonly used is “Trigger” data. […]

The Mortgage Interrogation Process


Tweet this!If you recently closed a loan with me you probably can relate with this post. If we just met and are considering doing business together, please accept this article as my informal advance apology. After introducing myself and handing over a business card, I immediately explain why I am required to interrogate you. Why […]

Thankful to be funding loans!


Tweet this!Thankful to be funding loans! I thought it would be appropriate this week to say a quick thank you to the mortgage business for allowing me make it through a turbulent couple of years. I believe the saying “If it does not kill you it makes you stronger.” The mortgage cleansing process that has […]

Why a Mortgage Professional is like a Surgeon


Tweet this!A surgeon has to go through several steps to determine if surgery is necessary. If you ever walked into a Doctors office and you were told that you needed surgery without thoroughly reviewing your individual situation you would most likely walk out and never return. The same should hold true with your mortgage experience. […]

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