San Diego Property Taxes 101

Paying your San Diego Property Taxes does not need to be a difficult process.  The first step is to determine if your Property Taxes are due and how much you owe.  For your convenience, I am sharing the Mnenonic device that I learned many years ago to remember the due dates.  It’s fairly tacky, but I have never forgotten it!

No Darn Fooling Around (November 1, December 10th, February 1, April 10th) It’s that easy!

November 1 – First installment is due

December 10 – First installment payment deadline

February 1 – Second installment due

April 10 - Second installment payment deadline

Step 1- Search your San Diego Property below

Search San Diego Property Tax Accessor

Step 2- Decide one of four payment options

  1. Pay Online
  2. Pay In Person
  3. Pay by Mail
  4. Pay by Phone
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