Introducing the Zero Refi

With over a decade of educating San Diego Mortgage clients on the value of a Zero Cost Refinance (Zero Points and Zero Fees), I decided to coin a term that sums it all up. I did not invent the No Cost Refinance. I just try to make it more transparent and easier for San Diego Homeowners on a daily basis.

The Zero Refi℠ pays all Non-Recurring Fees during a refinance. These fees include Underwriting, Processing, Appraisal, Title Insurance, Escrow, Notary, Overnight Fees, and Recording charges.

My Zero Refi Guarantee is simple.If ANY of the above fees are not credited at closing…cancel your loan.”

Local San Diego radio stations and newspapers are doing a great job of reminding you, the consumer, that rates are currently at historic lows. Why not take advantage of these low rates and not pay closing costs during the process with a lender you can trust? The Zero Refi makes the decision easy!

What’s the catch? You are paying a slightly higher interest rate for the benefit of not paying points and fees. After learning more about your personal situation, I can break down your options to determine if this is the best solution for your personal financial situation.

*The Zero Refi option is not suitable for everyone*. There is a valid argument for why you should pay points and fees over the long run.  Based on your loan amount it could be a a very long run… You can pay the fees or the bank can pay for them. You decide.

Zero Refi makes the refinancing decision easy.  Because there are no fees to pay, you won’t have to strugge with normal refinance questions like the following:

  • Should I pay Discount Points? What is a Discount Point?
  • Should I pay an Origination Fee? What is an Origination Fee?
  • Are the costs of refinancing tax deductible?
  • What is an industry average for the amount of processing, underwriting, and administrative fees incurred during a refinance?
  • Am I choosing the best loan product  for my personal situation?
  • Will my personal situation change in the next five years?
  • What is the average term a loan is held prior to refinancing or selling a property?
  • If you move, will the property be converted to a rental property?
  • How long will it take to recover the fees incurred to refinance?
  • What is the short and long term trend of interest rates?
  • If rates dropped .50% would you refinance again if it didn’t cost you anything the last time you refinanced?

Contact us today to learn more!

Zero Points, Zero Fees, Zero Surprises℠

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