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San Diego Property Taxes 101

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Paying your San Diego Property Taxes does not need to be a difficult process.  The first step is to determine if your Property Taxes are due and how much you owe.  For your convenience, I am sharing the Mnenonic device that I learned many years ago to remember the due dates.  It’s fairly tacky, but I have never forgotten […]

Will FHA Need a Bailout?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently released it’s Annual Financial Report to Congress.  The report forecasted the health of their Mutual Mortgage Insurance (MMI) fund.  The FHA insurance is what pays lenders back in the event of a borrower default.  Per the HUD report, “FHA is expected to sustain significant losses from […]

FHA Loan Limits Increasing in San Diego


The San Diego housing market just got a little reflief from WashingtonD.C. After a large amount of lobbying by home builders and Realtors®, the President signed a bill reinstating Jumbo FHA Loan Limits.  The move raised loan limits to 125% of local median home prices to a maximum of $729,750.  In San Diego County, the […]

Top Ranked Schools In San Diego by API Score

Whether you have children now or are considering having them in the future, buying a home normally involves an evaluation of the schools in the surrounding areas.  A commonly used evaluation tool is the Academic Performance Index or API Score.  The API scores represent how well the students are learning basic skills. The scores rank from […]

San Diego VA Funding Fee May Change

San Diego County has many Active and Retired Military families looking to take advantage of VA financing. The obvious benefit is the home buyer’s ability to take advantage of 100% financing with no mortgage insurance.  Although there is no mortgage insurance, VA does charge a Funding Fee, and this amount could change. Good news came out earlier in the […]

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